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Tekad Jayana (Jawa Barat, Indonesia)

We Tekad Jayana is a division of the Tekad Group to standing since 1963, Bandung, West Java.
We have been trusted by IMPORTER, SUPPLIER, MANUFACTURER leading up to AS AGENT OFFICIAL PRICE & QUALITY offered are the BEST.
With guided by our motto that is most complete, Cheapest & Fastest we been trusted partner for many of the COMPANY BEING famous of which:
(1) PT KAHATEX (2) PT Kurnia (3) PT PINDAD (4) CM IN
(5) CM PJKA (6) PT Human Sling (7) Variety PT Jaya (8) PT Panasia
(9) PT Kiatex (10) PT Joantex (11) PT INDOFOOD (12) PT Vonex
(13) PT Herald (14) PT Sinar Agung (15) PT GARUDAFOOD (16) PT Ligar
(17) UD Living City (18) UD Karya Mulia (19) He added UD (20) UD Lumajang
(21) UD Sarana Teknik (22) PT Celebit (23) FESTIVAL CITY LINK (24) Teknik Mandiri Citra
(25) PT Grandtex (26) PT Badjatex (27) PT Bintang Agung (28) GIANT Pasture
(29) PT Sipatex (30) PT Vonex
AN HONOR & PRIDE is to partner with you soon.
Salam Success Always.

Whole Team + Staff Tekad Jayana

Here is Brief Information About Our Main Products:
A. Belt: Belt Fastener, Belt Lacing, Timing Belt
B. Conveyor Chain: Leaf Chain, Silent Chain, Double Pitch Chain, Roller Chain, Detachable Chain, Pintle Chain, PIV Chain, Heavy Duty Chain, Table Top Chain, Hollow Pin, Trolley Chain, Chain Coupling, Free Flow Chain, Stainless Stell roller Chain
C. Gravity Roller
D. PVC Rubber Conveyor & Conveyor
E. Sprocket: Engine Sprocket, Rear Sprocket, Drive Sprocket Chain, Conveyor Chain Sprocket, Free Flow Chain Sprocket, New Chain Sprocket, Sprocket Roller, Spur Gear


Kami merupakan distributor conveyor terkemuka dan terpercaya di Indonesia. Produk yang Kami jual seperti Rantai Conveyor, Belt, Gravity Roller, Karet Conveyor, Lem Conveyor, Sproket, Mess Konveyor, Fast Track Conveyor, Roller Chain, dan banyak lagi. Kami menjual kebutuhan industri terlengkap dan termurah.


Cikapundung Elektronik Center Blok GG.1-37 Bandung Jawa Barat Bandung 40112
Jawa Barat , Indonesia


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